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Apply custom automated investing strategies to dynamically react to real-world events and express your unique worldview

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We help you automate your investment decisions with just a few clicks.

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Launch proven strategies from experts at the touch of a button. Or simply create and test your own strategies with finenso's no-code strategy builder.


Sit back and let your strategy do the hard work for you. finenso calculates your portfolio and processes transactions fully automatically.


You always have an overview of what is happening with your money. With finenso you see every single transaction in real time.

Your first strategyin only 3 steps

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Choose a strategy

Build your own strategy or choose one designed by an expert.

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Test the strategy

See immediately how strategies perform by running them on historical market data or test them with virtual money in real time without risk.

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Let finenso invest for you

Start your strategy by allocating a certain amount of money to it. finenso automatically manages your portfolio for you.


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About the product

An investment strategy is a collection of principles according to which decisions are made for individual investments. It defines which assets should be bought or sold under which circumstances.
The intellectual property lies solely with the creator of the strategy.

It is important to us at finenso to meet the high standards of strategic investors. Therefore we commit ourselves to seriousness and secrecy around strategies. Strategies created by users are stored in encrypted form and finenso has no right to pass them on to third parties, to use them for own purposes or to exploit them in any other way.
To get the most out of finenso, a basic knowledge of capital markets is beneficial. Based on this, you can discover strategy-based investing on finenso without financial risk.

You are just starting with investing? No problem - we are currently creating a course that will help you get started. Register as a beta tester and get informed immediately after the course is published.
  • You keep your cool:
    Even before you make a single transaction, you think about your strategy and exactly which principles you want to follow. This makes you more objective and less prone to emotional decisions.

  • You get the right timing:
    finenso never sleeps and trades in real time according to your strategy. Transactions are always executed immediately, as soon as the conditions set by you are met.
  • You retain full control over your portfolio:
    At finenso, only you decide what your money is invested in - you don't have to blindly rely on anyone else. Are there, for example, companies or industries in which you do not want to invest under any circumstances? Simply exclude them in your strategy.

  • Your solution is tailor-made for you:
    We do not put you in a box. You choose for yourself which strategy you want to use and how much money you want to invest.
You can choose from 2 different operating modes at finenso:

  • Manager: finenso calculates the strategies for you and automatically carries out the necessary transactions.

  • Advisor: finenso calculates the strategies for you and suggests transactions based on them, which you can approve individually before execution.
During the beta, it is already possible for finenso users to build their own strategies, backtest them and execute them with virtual money. Likewise, strategies published by other users can be selected.

Unfortunately, the execution of strategies with real money is not yet possible during the beta tests.

About the business

During the test phase, the use of the finenso platform is completely free of charge.

Note: We do not have any influence on costs incurred when trading with real money through the execution of strategies via user-connected brokers. However, this is not yet possible during the beta phase.
No, finenso is not a bank.
finenso handles transactions via connected brokers (e.g. Interactive Brokers for stocks, Binance for cryptocurrencies) without holding any assets itself.
During the beta phase, finenso does not yet generate any revenues.

In the later operation with real money, finenso receives a kickback from the brokers for transactions carried out by strategies.

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finenso - Your platform forstrategicinvesting.

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